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dinsdag 17 mei 2016

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Personalized postcards

And here's another post from me already !! I seem to be on a roll lately ... LOL !

After the greeting cards I've made over in the weekend, I decided I wanted to create some personalized postcards as well !

I don't know about you, but for me, it is kind of hard to find postcards online or in shops that really express what I want to say or send to my friends. The ones I've made so far are general ones that can be used for multiple occasions, but I hope and plan to make more in the future 😄.

Below are some samples of what I have created so far :

I really wonder what you think of them and which one is your personal favorite ?

And which quote would you like to have on your postcards ?

As always, comments and feedback on my posts are very much appreciated ❤️

Thanks for looking and have a lovely day !

Love & hugs,
Coco Mojo

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, they are so beautiful! I like "Be yourself" :)

  2. I really love them and I love the one saying "Be the reason that someone smiles today". I don't have much money right now, but I have your shops in my favorites and will for sure come back when I have the money for it :)! Until then I follow your blog and see your facebook posts <3.

  3. I love the "be yourself " card and the " be the reason someone smiles today". Lovely cards ❤

  4. My favorite is the one that says "Be the reason someone smiles today". That one is so bright and colorful and I love it!

  5. I love the one that says "Be the reason someone smiles today". It's so bright and colorful and I just love it!


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