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zondag 15 mei 2016

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Today is pretty exciting ...

I am about to write the very first post on my brand new blog !

For starters, I am going to introduce myself briefly :) - I am a snail mail addict and I enjoy creating items (stickers, tags, cards, ...) that I can enclose in my outgoing mail or that I can use to personalize my envelopes and other projects. I also love to learn more about how to create my own writing paper in several graphic software applications! Sending and receiving pieces of art gives me so much joy !! I will definitely try my best to send out even more creative mail from now on !

My nickname when I was still a student was "Coco" and one of my pals came up with the brilliant idea of using "Coco Mojo" as an alias for my creative projects.

My intention is to share all things that inspire me - often related to sending and receiving snail mail - and to showcase some of my cards, stickers and designs with my readers. I hope I will be able to inspire you as well !

Maybe a few freebies and giveaways will follow later, so stay tuned for more :)

Love & hugs,
Coco Mojo

A sample of my stickers and how I decorate my envelopes

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  1. I love creative blogs like this one. You should add your blog to bloglovin so lots of people can follow you there and find it there <3.
    I am excited to see more of your posts.


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